Friday, 6 January 2017

Indus Water Treaty threat - WB Pauses Dam Arbitration

World Bank report about Indus Water Treaty threat

The World Bank on Monday 12th December 2016, announced a pause in arbitration between Pakistan and India on the matter of two new dams being constructed by India on Chenab River. It called on both countries to search for new and better ways to solve disagreements. Moonis Elahi lamented PMLN's move and strategy which is only worsening the situation. Pakistan needs to be firm about its demands but should not let India run like a wild boar which would end up destroying not only the two countries but also the entire Asian region. Clearly PMLN is failing to handle the situation.
World Bank in its statement said that both countries initiated separate processes regarding the Indus water Treaty and were advancing parallel to each other but at the same time. The outcome could have been worse so it was suitable to pause them and urged the two countries to solve them with mutual agreement. Moonis Elahi urges the Govt to think positively and come up with a suitable solution to end the tensions on the subject. Clearly the lack of a foreign minister is the reason why the incumbent government is failing badly in keeping good relations with the outside world.