Thursday, 29 September 2016

Moonis Elahi Says Kalabagh Dam Made Controversial by India

Moonis Elahi Says Kalabagh Dam Made Controversial by India-! کالاباغ ڈیم کے نقاد ۔۔۔۔ذرا سوچیں

India stoops to all time low by threatening to abrogate water treaty. An agreement signed in 1960 between the two countries by then elected leaders was an agreement that both the countries would not engage in water wars. Revoking it would cause a sever water shortage in Pakistan which could lead to its destruction.

Moonis Elahi has pressed upon the building of Kalabagh Damtime and again. It has been made controversial by Indian funded agents in Pakistan to stop Pakistan from having a dam that does not rely on Indian waters. The main points to keep in mind are:

  • Indian funded agents have made Kalabagh Dam controversial so that Pakistan does not store water enough and one day will become completely barren.
  • While Indian agents have managed to make Kalabagh Dam controversial, it the mean time it has constructed Kishan Ganga Dam, Bagliar Dam, Salal Dam, Uri Dam and many more on the very rivers that flow into Pakistan.
  • To date India keeps terrorizing through its water treaty and it is one of the factors for its terror in Kashmir. 

Moonis Elahi and PMLQ's Mega Project Lahore Sports City Axed by PMLN's Vindictive Policy

No nation can flourish unless it is provided adequate opportunities to earn freely. Roti, Kapra and Makan is not just a slogan to win votes, they are the very basic needs of every citizen of a country and unless they are provided with opportunities to earn them in a respectable manner a nation cannot progress. While the slogan was used in the past to arouse sentiments of the nation and simply gain attention for political gains, Moonis Elahi and the leadership of PMLQ actually tried to turn this slogan into a reality in the form of Lahore Sports City. Conceived by PMLQ in 2005, it was one such concrete effort to provide the city of Lahore with a sustainable source of decent livelihood. The mega project was not only aimed to further beautify Lahore, but to also provide a huge business opportunity to the city. moonis-elahi-youtube

Moonis Elahi's Vision on Growth and Development Moonis Elahi is a Wharton Business School USA graduate and strongly believes in sustainable development through achievable and measurable goals. It was due to his vision for growth and prosperity of the region that he participated actively with his father Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, leader of PMLQ in creating novel and highly profitable ventures and Lahore Sports City was also such venture. 

The project was put on the table in the parliament and it was agreed that upon completion it would be able to create up to 100,000 annual job opportunities. The project was to be completed by 2011 and aimed to provide 20,000 homes based on contemporary architecture equipped with modern amenities can only be seen in the developed countries.   Foreign Investment To Fund The Project As Pakistan was progressing at break neck speed in all sectors, but still it suffered backlashes from the doings of previous governments. To make the project a reality, an unprecedented agreement was signed between the Punjab government and the brotherly Islamic country of United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE agreed to invest Rs. 12 billion in the project which could ultimately make Lahore Sports City Asia's ultra modern housing project. It's proposed site was on the bank of river Ravi and the project spanned over 600 acres of land. 

The idea to construct it by the historical river was to provide an added attraction and also to preserve the river. Being a firm supporter of environment preservation, Moonis Elahi played an important role to convince investors to set up a state of the art water purification plant on the river Ravi so as to introduce clean water instead of the sewage falling as of now. PMLQ's efforts had brought peace in Punjab making it a calm and visibly progressive province. Considering the various ongoing projects and their progress in the province, investors were obvious that Punjab was an investment friendly province. To his great disappointment, Moonis Elahi feels PMLN's vindictive policy to dump the project has denied a huge investment opportunity in Lahore.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Moonis Elahi Vision Of Safe and Corruption Free Streets in Punjab

City Traffic Police is a Public Friendly & Service Oriented initiative, envisioned by the leadership of PMLQ under the Good Governance Program of Punjab Government. Officers of the team were very carefully chosen to be designated "Traffic Wardens Lahore" instead of "Traffic Police" as the word police is intimidating and somewhat considered corrupt in the Pakistani community. Choosing a public friendly name clearly depicts the notion and mission to facilitate the public by PMLQ. The vision behind its conception was to take care of road users instead of policing them. People of Punjab were already fed up by the corrupt and sparsely educated traffic police whose main aim was to take hefty bribes from motorists.
Traffic Police a Symbol of Previous Government's Corruption
Earlier governments of PPP and PMLN had always used the police department to undermine their opponents. Their malpractice of using police for personal gains, wrecked the department's infrastructure and it got deeply involved in corruption. The department was deterred from its main purpose i.e. to protect the public, and was being used for VIP protocols and blackmailing. Hence when Moonis Elahi came into power, the infamous traditional traffic police was recognized as a dishonest and crooked force. The need of the hour was to provide unhindered and non-biased law enforcement institution that would prove to be a public service instead of a force to be used against them.
Moonis Elahi Emphasizes on Recruiting Educated Youth
A state owned law enforcement department has many rights that can prove to be lethal if used negatively. Moonis Elahi was aware of the fact that if uneducated people would be introduced to Traffic Warden force it would soon become shady like its predecessor. Traditional traffic police's entry level was Matric and even lower, but this time the bar was raised to give the educated youth a chance to serve their nation with pride, so entry level education requirement was restricted to be at least graduation. It is believed that 70% of Pakistanis are under the age of 25 years and the announcement was hailed publicly as it created jobs for the educated youth.
Gender Equality and Women Rights
Moonis Elahi has always stood up for women rights. It was already clear to him that the daughters of this nation are courageous and can work well under stress. So, for the very first time, in a department considered only for the male staff, females were inducted giving an equal opportunity. This enlightened a new ray of hope in the females and they enthusiastically applied. As the new force completed its training and were formally deployed on the roads, citizens rejoiced and the traffic soon became organized causing the graph of road accidents and traffic jams to plunge. For the very first time Transparency International Report mentioned in 2009 that Traffic Wardens had proved to be beneficial and the streets of Punjab were made corruption free.
Present Government's Attitude
Replacing traditional traffic police by educated, polite and dutiful traffic wardens was a gift to the nation by PMLQ which was appreciated by the public at large. This noble deed could not be digested by the present government and their vindictive policy to sabotage PMLQ's achievements came in to play. Soon after regaining power, PMLN started ignoring the vital department and began favoring the Punjab Police Department. Their spite was soon revealed when traffic wardens did not receive their salary for months. The department was deprived of funds hence there were no new uniforms and the motorbikes given for patrolling soon started falling off. Moonis Elahi was watching all this very closely and raised his concerns in the provincial assembly which resulted in the wardens having their salaries resumed after many months.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Moonis Elahi Welcomes Sindh Assembly's Bill Against Altaf

MQM's supremo Altaf Hussain chanted anti-Pakistan slogans and urged his party followers to wreak havoc in Karachi. Following the incident, Pakistan Rangers were swift to act and bring the situation under control. Since then, most of MQM's leaders in Karachi are under arrest and the party has been broken.

Following the incident and the outburst from Altaf against Pakistan, Sindh Assembly has passed a bill for Altaf's trail under Article 6 of constitution. Moonis Elahi along with many other Punjab's political leaders have expressed their solidarity with the bill. Pakistan is already surrounded by many problems and there is no place for people like Altaf to escalate tensions in the country.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Moonis Elahi Urges the World to Help Stop Killing Innocent Kashmiris

On World Peace Day, people all over the world expressed their love for harmony and unity over the globe but India continued its barbarianism towards Kashmiris. Ruling their land against their will, Indian authorities continue to use extreme force to subdue any resistance killing freedom fighters alleging them to be terrorists.


Moonis Elahi and many other prominent political leaders of Pakistan have openly condemned the unjust killing of civilians in Kashmir and urge the world to play a role to bring peace in the region. Indian atrocities have left hundreds of people killed and injured. Most of them have been completely blinded due to excessive use of pellet guns firing straight to the faces.

Moonis Elahi-The Man Who Proved Himself A Progressive Leader

Pakistan, a country abundantly bestowed with every natural resource that a country can dream of does not deserve to be a third world country. Since its creation in 1947, it has been the center of an international political agenda meant to keep it deprived of its own resources as much as possible. Foreign influence and interference have been the reasons behind unstable democratic governments and dictatorships. While there have been different governments which have run it in the past, only one of them can be rightly given credit for taking it towards a better future and that without a doubt is PMLQ.
Since the year 2002 when President Musharraf ousted the corrupt government of Nawaz Sharifa new political party that could never have had the chance to highlight itself came in the limelight and emerged as the ruling party PMLQ. The son of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi a dignified personality of PunjabMoonis Elahi emerged as a person the youth of the nation could follow. Moonis Elahi's vision from the outset of his political career was prominently appreciated even by his opponents of his outstanding leadership abilities during the PMLQ's government.
It was a new era for the country and its people because a corrupt government was ousted and the nation was freed from a man who was deeply involved in embezzlement of the national funds. As the chain of money laundering was broken, the country came on the road to a better future. This was the first time Pakistani people were introduced to what a free nation really feels like. Moonis Elahi worked really hard  to initiate development projects in all government sectors with his aptitude to think outside the box. Eventually when PMLQ is no longer in power, Moonis Elahi is the only politician who has advocated for the construction of Kalabagh Dam, one of the most vital hydroelectricity projects that can greatly eliminate the problems of electricity shortfall as well as water storage in the country.
Pakistan is known as an agricultural country due to its fertile soil which has the ability to plant and grow almost every crop on this planet. Under the visionary guidance of Moonis Elahi the agriculture department made tremendous progress in the PMLQ era. Moonis Elahi  during that period played an instrumental role in creating new job opportunities for the educated and unemployed youth. This was an ice breaking moment for the nation as literate people actually got the jobs they were deprived of in the past due to favoritism and corrupt hiring processes. Hiring people on merit single handedly changed the mindset of the nation and people were inclined to educate their children. The great contribution of Moonis Elahi and PMLQ to this country cannot be forgotten because it was from 2002 to 2007 that people really felt they were on the road to success and prosperity.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Moonis Elahi and Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi Founders Of Rescue 1122

Moonis Elahi and Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi Founders Of Rescue 1122

Lahore, the busiest and congested city of Punjab has always been the center of attention of every government. Due to its massive population and overcrowded roads, accidents happen on a daily basis. Lack of proper ambulance system for the injured was a great factor of deaths in road accidents. Newspapers were littered with such news on a daily basis but, the government always paid a deaf ear to it. Although the people demanded it, but it was the least priority of all governments as they were busy looting the country and settling their families abroad.

The idea of Punjab Emergency Service commonly known as Rescue 1122 germinated when Moonis Elahivisited foreign countries with his father to see their emergency services. When PMLQ came into power, the need for a rescue department was raised on the assembly floor under the Punjab Emergency Services Act. Through legislative support and backing of Moonis Elahi, the bill was passed and it soon became clear that Punjab would be gifted with a modern and trustworthy life saving service. The vision was to provide timely care and service to every person without discrimination. With a mission to contribute towards building socially responsible, resilient and safer communities, it soon became the top priority for PMLQ leadership.

During his visits to foreign countries Moonis Elahi met experts to learn about the steps required to make it flawless. Subsequently, security experts from Austria and Australia were called to meet and discuss how the service could be made an exception in the region. With a motive to empower the nation and its youth in every perspective, vehicles were indigenously built in Lahore which ended up saving millions of rupees and also created jobs. The first phase planned was to initiate the service in 36 Districts of Punjab and in the second phase it would be spread to all Tehsils of the province.

Moonis Elahiemphasized in all meetings that educated youth should be recruited on merit and be provided with proper training for induction of the service to enable them to live up to its vision and mission. He regularly visited the Rescue 1122 training academy to inspect training of the newly recruited staff. He watched their performance and progress very closely and held regular discussions with stakeholders to solve any problems that came forth. During his visits to foreign countries, Moonis Elahi observed that the response time of an ambulance was about 15 to 20 minutes. He strongly emphasized that Rescue 1122 reach the affected persons in less than 15 minutes.

It was the result of Moonis Elahi's constant supervision that Rescue 1122 ambulance service was able to reduce its average response time to under 10 minutes. Until its inauguration, it became a daily routine for the authorized staff to report at 8am at the CM house and brief the PMLQ leadership over its progress. In 2004 Rescue 1122 was inaugurated by Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi which, without a doubt is a gift to the nation. Without compromising on the equipments and the vehicles, it was soon accredited to meet all international standards and was termed as one of the top rated emergency services in Asia.

To date, as per the statistics given on their officialwebsite Rescue 1122 states that it has successfully managed to save 7,83,292 people in Lahore alone and a total of 42,98,738 people in the entire Punjab. The step-fatherly treatment meted out by the current government of PMLN to Rescue 1122 is a great concern to Moonis Elahi. Their vindictive approach to undermine all policies and departments set up by PMLQ is not only hurting their credibility but also affecting safety of the people of Punjab. By not providing proper funds, the service has been badly affected but it still continues to serve the public with the same mission and vision instilled in them by Moonis Elahiand Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, the founders of Punjab Emergency Service aka Rescue 1122.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Moonis Elahi - 7th September's History Can Never Be Forgotten in Pakistan

During the first ever indo-Pak war in 1965, Pakistan Air Force proved the impossible by defeating Indian air force. Pakistan was still in its infancy when India waged war. Already struggling to survive on least resources, India attacked with full force but the spirits of Pakistani army and air force were beyond words.

  Moonis Elahi 

India faced resistance which it had not expected and ended up fleeing back and call for a cease fire. Today after so many decades, it is important for us to remember the glory brought to Pakistan by its air force which has proven itself to be reliable and one of the best in the world.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Moonis Elahi Condemns Appointing Ex-Indian Airline Serviceman as PIA Chief

Ex-Indian Airline Serviceman as PIA Chief

Nawaz Sharif's lovefor Indians is a huge question mark upon his loyalty towards Pakistan. There are numerous reports pointing towards his unjust favoritism of Indians. PIA's current COO Bernd Hildenbrand is a German national and is alleged to be an ex-employee of Indian national airlines. It is also on record that his wife currently holds a top position in the Indian airlines.   

Moonis Elahi openly opposes hiring people who pose a threat to Pakistan's sovereignty. Nawaz Sharifshould instruct his cabinet to refrain from making such decisions which may prove to be fatal for Pakistan. It is reported that security institutions have not yet issued him a NOC.

Honest Govt Officials Find it Hard to Work with PMLN's Corrupt Policies

Neelum Jehlum project CEO resigned -Moonis Elahi

N League is one of the biggest political parties in Pakistan and has been in government a number of times. As of now, the party's premier stands guilty of corruption by transferring money to his children's offshore companies using illegal methods to avoid money trail and also to avoid taxes. 

Moonis Elahi has condemned the malpractice applied by the PMLN's top leadership to plunder on taxpayers money for their personal gains.
Their (PMLN leadership's) greed has no limit and as they have been exposed, they still haven't stopped their looting spree. WAPDA's chairman, being an honest official didn't allow the incumbent government to use the organization's money which created a constant dispute between him and the PMLN leadership. 

As a last resort the chairman could do nothing but resign to distance himself from the looting that goes on in WAPDA at PMLN's behest. Following his lead the Neelum Jehlum project CEO has also resigned as he too wasn't in favor of letting Nawaz Sharif's goons malign his reputation.

Moonis Elahi Pays Tribute to Army Jawans


On the 51st Defence Day Moonis Elahi paid tribute to the martyrs of our army jawans. He said the nation is in debt of the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives to protect the homeland and indirectly the citizens who live in the country. While there are people who speak ill of our army, the patriots must distance themselves from such miscreants who are paid by the enemies to destabilize the country from within.

Moonis Elahi is undoubtedly a true patriot and the next generation leader of the nation. He has always stood for the poor and has raised his voice on issues that are really important for our beloved country Pakistan. His stance on Kalabagh Dam is clear that it is a must have for the survival of our nation. While he is widely known to be a leader in Punjab but has always stood for the rights of people living in other provinces as well.

Moonis Elahi has never spoken ill about our brave army that has thwarted India's efforts to raid our country a number of times. He has always supported the army in times of trouble and has pledged to devote his life for the cause of Pakistan. He actively participates in lifting Pakistan's image through his politics and has never aligned himself with those that work for the destruction of the country or our army.

Moonis Elahi Concerned About Loyal Govt Officers

Moonis Elahi Concerned About Loyal Govt Officers

PMLN has always set new records of corruption whenever it gains power. They have been accused time and again of misusing the state's institutions and looting tax money. As panama papers have also identified Nawaz Sharif's huge wealth in the name of his family, his corruption still does not cease. In the wake of his incompetence to rule the country with fairness, patriotic and loyal Govt officials are finding it hard to work under PMLN's rule. 

Due to their embezzlement's institutions aren't allowed to work as per their needs and at the end they get blamed which is a serious concern. at first it was the Chairman WAPDA resigned due to their negative policies and now Neelum Jehlum CEO has quit owing to Government policies.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Gullu Butts Rule While Innocents And Ambulances Denied To Pass

Moonis Elahi says it is the constitutional right for opposition members and people who have been affected by Government's brutality to protest when justice is denied. In the wake of PTI and PAT march, PMLN has ordered Lahore and Rawalpindi to be sealed with containers. Such acts will only incite violence and create mayhem.

  Placing containers on roads and barricading the routes have caused serious problems to commuters and especially the ill. While massive traffic jams are being witnessed ambulances are stuck in traffic and patients inside have no hope of reaching the hospitals in time. Moonis Elahi said had this been PMLQ tenure we would not have resort to such brutality against our own countrymen. It is astounding that PMLN thinks they own the country and all others living in it are aliens.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Nawaz Sharif Orders to Barricade Lahore and Rawalpindi

Nawaz Sharif Orders to Barricade Lahore and Rawalpindi

Moonis ElahiImran KhanChaudhry Pervaiz ElahiChaudhry Shujaat and many other prominent opposition leaders of the state have raised their voices over the way PMLN is handling the current situation. They all are of view that democratically it is the fundamental right of the citizens to protest against the incumbent government if their demands are not met. The government must accept their mistakes willingly and ensure public demands are met. They are elected to serve the people and not to consider them as their enemies.

Moonis Elahi a parliamentarian and a member of the opposition has condemned the use of force to shut down the cities as if they were being attacked by the enemy state. It was a practice witnessed in the past by the kings who would use force against the very people they ruled and it clearly seems that Nawaz Sharif thinks of himself as a king. Opposition parties hold rallies and marches when the ruling party does not pay heed to their issues inside the parliament. The rally is not meant to topple but is a wake-up call by the nation to come to the right path.

Moonis Elahi has expressed grief over the lives lost by the Gullu Butts of PMLN blocking the roads and not letting even the ambulances pass. Even if the way is blocked for protesters, ambulances aren't run by protesters they are a medium of transport for the ill who need medical assistance. The prime minister must order the local police to make way for the ambulances and ensure common man's life isn't disrupted by the clash of political parties.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Moonis Elahi Appreciates MQM's Show of Patriotism

Moonis Elahi Appreciates MQM's Show of Patriotism

Altaf is known to be the worst stigma in the political game of Pakistan. Being convicted of mass murdering people in Karachi and many other heinous crimes, he stooped to the lowest by chanting anti Pakistan slogans during a video conference of his party's sit in outside Karachi press club.  

Moonis Elahi has expressed grief over such a shameful act by a politician whose party rules the biggest city of Pakistan. His (Altaf) chanting caused hue and cry over the entire country and demanded strict political and judicial action against his motives. MQM's 22 party leaders were shocked and show patriotism towards Pakistan and to denounce their leader who clearly showed no interest in the well being of the country, have signed a resolution in the parliament condemning Altaf's anti state speech.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Dilma Rousseff's Presidency Ends In The Wake Of Panama Leaks

Moonis Elahi Says President of Brazil impeached on corruption charges but Nawaz Sharif PMLN remain untouched despite proof.

Moonis Elahi questioned on what grounds is Nawaz Sharif still ruling the country despite being exposed in the Panama Papers. Brazil recently set a world wide example by stripping Dilma Rousseff of presidency after she was found to be involved in the Panama Leaks Scandal. When leaders of the state are hiding assets from their nation they cannot be trusted and must resign and present themselves for accountability.  

Moonis Elahi said Brazil has displayed true democracy in their country while Pakistan's democracy is actually kingship. PMLN's members have all stood up to defend their leader like Darbaris whereas in reality they should be questioning about his ill gotten wealth. When you defend your leader on corruption charges it clearly means that the entire party is corrupt and defends each other to save their own skin.   #President of #Brazil impeached on corruption charges but #NawazSharif#PMLN remain untouched despite proof.

Moonis Elahi Says PMLN's Incompetence Exposed

Moonis Elahi Says PML-N government has obtained $75 billion Loan

PMLN has come into power in the 2013 elections and as it has completed 3 years of governance, it's claims of taking Pakistan on the road to prosperity have fallen apart in the latest move to acquire $650 millions more in terms of loan.  

Moonis Elahi terms the move as a complete failure because had the incumbent government really be making progress, it would not have required the said amount to move further. This loan has further burdened Pakistan with a huge amount it already owes to the international loan lending institutions and returning them with a heavy interest would make it difficult for the citizens to survive.