Monday, 31 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Warns Govt Should See Writing On The Wall

Lahore 1st November 2016 - PMLQ leader and a parliamentarian in the Punjab Assembly, Moonis Elahi has pressed Nawaz Sharif should read into the severity of the matter and handle it sensibly with regards to Panama Leaks and security of Islamabad before it is too late. "PMLN is left with two options, 1) either the premier should present himself for accountability in Panama Case and disclose the name of person involved in the security leak or 2) act stubbornly and prepare to get weakened politically finding it hard to cling to power" said Moonis Elahi

While talking to DAWN on Monday, Moonis Elahi said it was impossible for the government to be unaware about the person behind the security leaks. "It is hard to understand why the Govt is taking so long to conclude its investigation in the security leaks." While adding on the current Govt stance to tackle Islamabad situation "taking extreme measures by blockading roads and arresting however it wishes is ruining PMLN's image and is of no service to democracy". 

An FIR has been registered against Moonis Elahi in Islamabad for allegedly sending a truck load of PMLQ party flags and sticks with regards to Nov 2. Some PMLQ leaders are of the view, PMLN targets Moonis Elahi son of former Deputy prime minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi as part of its vindictive policy. "It was a tactic used to deter us from the support we are lending to Imran Khan regarding Nov 2, but we are firm and are not afraid of fake cases" a PMLQ leader quoted. 

Moonis Elahi said his party workers would reach Islamabad no matter what. "Police have already arrested over 800 workers of our party from Gujrat, including MPA Vickas Mokal but we aren't intimidated by these antics and will reach Islamabad at any cost". Most of the workers are leaving for Islamabad from Gujrat a stronghold of Chaudhrys. "Police have raided residences of a number of our active members in Punjab, especially Gujrat" said a PMLQ office bearer. 

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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Punjab Govt Loses Its Marbles Starts Abducting Political Workers

Punjab Govt Loses Its Marbles Starts Abducting Political Workers

PMLN has long been accused of corruption with many cases pending in the courts. Now as opposition parties gather to hold a massive rally in Islamabad against the government's ill practices and avoiding accountability, PMLN has resort to low tactics. 

Moonis Elahi is a leader of PMLQ and as his party is an opposition party in the parliament. It has started to suffer in the wake of Nov 2 call. PMLQ candidate Shujat Nawaz from Gujrat PP 108 has been picked up by Punjab police and PMLQ Senator Kamil Ali Agha's house has been raided by the police.

PMLQ MPA Vaqas Mokal from Kasur has also been detained and is being taken to Sahiwal jail. He is being punished for standing up to PMLN as Nawaz Sharif wishes to rule this country like a king despite claiming to call his party a democratic party.

Moonis Elahi Praises Pakistan Hockey Team Performance in Asian Trophy

Moonis Elahi Praises Pakistan Hockey Team Performance in Asian Trophy

Pakistan has a history of having the world's best hockey team with many awards and trophies to support the claim. Recently due to massive political influence and awarding sports chairmanship on favoritism, PMLN has successfully managed to destroy the Pakistan hockey team. Despite low funds and lack of training, Pakistani hockey team has managed to remain in the spotlight in Asian Trophy.

It is an honor for Pakistan to have such talented sportsmen who can highlight the country on the international stage with pride said Moonis Elahi. Unfortunately the present government is destroying this valuable asset the country holds due to awarding top positions to corrupt people who have favored Nawaz Sharif in the past. Moonis Elahi said Sports should not be politicized as it is a vital pillar of the nation which needs to focus on setting new records.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Terminating Pervaiz Rasheed is What Nawaz Sharif Is Only Capable To Do

Terminating Pervaiz Rasheed is What Nawaz Sharif Is Only Capable To Do

Minutes of a highly classified meeting between PMLN and the establishment was leaked from the Prime Minister house. Its appearance in Dawn newspaper sparked outrage among the nation and the Govt was asked to bring forth the person who committed the crime. It is highly speculated that the minutes were given to Cyril Almeida on orders of Maryam Safdar, Nawaz Sharif's daughter with the purpose of defaming Pakistani Army.

Moonis Elahi denied to comment on rumors but said terminating Pervaiz Rasheed is not the answer this nation seeks. He (Rasheed) was treated the same way Rana Sanaullah was treated in the Model Town case. Nawaz Sharif uses his party workers as scapegoats and to make the cases more complex. It is not impossible to expose the person who handed over the confidential documents to the journalist. Negative attitude shown by the Prime Minister house on this issue raises skepticism.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Says PMLN Govt Artificially Inflating Reserves

Moonis Elahi Says PMLN Govt Artificially Inflating Reserves

The present government of PMLN has acquired $26.8 billion in terms of loan during its 3 years regime. Instead of bringing a steadfast policy to improve the Industries and Agriculture in the country, the situation is worsening and exports are declining rapidly. It is worsening the financial situation and finance minister Ishaq Dar, instead of doing something to revive our industries, travels around the world begging for loans.

Moonis Elahi criticized PMLN's senseless ways of running the state as these loans have not been used for the betterment of the country but is largely spent on their trips to foreign countries and living a king like lifestyle. Repaying the loan would require many generations but unfortunately the nation would have none of its benefits to enjoy as Artificially Inflated Reserves badly damage the economy.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Says Lives Lost in Quetta Attack Will Not Go in Vain

Moonis Elahi Says Lives Lost in Quetta Attack Will Not Go in Vain

Every citizen of the nation is precious and a single life loss should be treated as a national loss. Quetta attack has proven PMLN is incapable of defending its citizens. The National Action Plan is exposed as "No Action Plan" as the incumbent government has completely failed to provide security. As opposition parties plan to stage a huge protest in the country's capital Islamabad, Moonis Elahi says Nov 2 will be D Day for PMLN. They (PMLN) will have to pay for their ignorance over security matters of the state and will be held accountable for all their wrong deeds. 

Their (Nawaz Sharif and family) corruption will no longer be tolerated at the expense of Pakistani tax payers money. It is a possibility that Islamabad will be locked down until the premier resigns or presents himself for accountability.

Moonis Elahi Rubbishes PMLN's Stubbornness Over Nawaz Sharif's Leadership

Moonis Elahi Rubbishes PMLN's Stubbornness Over Nawaz Sharif's Leadership

Amid tensions growing over Nawaz Sharif's family owned offshore companies, PMLN's political workers and should choose a new leader. Moonis Elahi terms it PMLN's foolishness to defend their leader when his family members have been named in the Panama Papers. It is evident that the offshore companies were formed through embezzled money flown from Pakistan using illegal channels to buy property and provide a luxurious lifestyle to the premier's children in London.

Money looted from Pakistan should be brought back in the country and used where it was intended. Pakistan already suffers great debt from worldwide loan issuers. If the looted amount is returned to the country Pakistan would be in a position to return the loan and would be on the road to prosperity. Moonis Elahi iterates PMLN's political workers should press their leader to surrender his ill gotten wealth to the nation for its betterment and progress. Their stubbornness and constant support to a corrupt leader is caused tremendous harm to the nation. 


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Condemns PMLN's White Elephant on Pakistan's Economy

Moonis Elahi Condemns PMLN's White Elephant on Pakistan's Economy

Amid heavy criticism PMLN still took the step to build Islamabad Metro Bus. It was always said that such a mega project should be constructed in a heavily populated city such as Lahore or Karachi. Pakistan's metropolis Karachi faces a huge transportation crisis and knowing the facts, PMLN's government still took the step to please some influential people and for personal gains. In the process of building the Islamabad Metro many buildings were razed and people were denied of their ancestral buildings.

When the plan had been unveiled as a blessing for the nation, Moonis Elahi had predicted the project would prove to be a huge loss. Time has proven it's accuracy and now it is reported that the white elephant has produced a record 2.4 billion loss. It is a huge blow to the already Pakistan's crumbling economy. Feeding the project with loans taken from IMF and World Bank against other projects which would have really benefited the public has been blown off on a failed project.

Moonis Elahi Condemns Quetta Terrorist Attack

Moonis Elahi Condemns Quetta Terrorist Attack

At least 59 police cadets have died and more than 110 were injured when a team of heavily armed terrorists stormed a police training academy in Quetta. Pakistan has long suffered terrorist attacks but the PMLN Govt seems unable to control it. Moonis Elahi has strongly condemned the attack which happened in the wee hours on Monday. 

The nation stands with the families of the affected and Moonis Elahi has vowed to make efforts to punish the culprits. His family also witnessed a terrorist attack when his grandfather Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi was murdered. Pakistan needs a National Action Plan to get rid of this menace but unfortunately Nawaz Sharif and his companions are too busy plundering to think about the citizens.

Moonis Elahi Calls For Efforts To Build Kalabagh Dam

Kalabagh Dam-moonis Elahi

As India speeds up its drive to create problems for Pakistan, it has declared to revoke the Indus water treaty. This act would cause shortage of water within Pakistan hence forcing it to the brink of drought. Pakistan has taken up the case to World Bank to stop India from constructing illegal dams on the Neelum and Chenab rivers.
Kalabagh Dam is a proposed hydroelectric dam to be built on the river Indus at Kalabagh in the Mianwali district of Punjab province. it is debated that if the dam would be constructed it can produce 3600 megawatts of electricity approximately. as time passes on the water shortfall threat from India increases and Moonis Elahi urges Pakistani Politicians to get serious on the matter of KBD and start its construction for the larger interest of Pakistan.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Condemns Shameful Act by Indian Parliamentarians

Moonis Elahi Condemns Shameful Act by Indian Parliamentarians

Modi's government had never expected their lies would become a tightening rope against their necks. India had boastfully circulated the fake news through their media and social media about conducting 'Surgical Strikes' across the LOC into Pakistan's territory. Pak Army brought their lies to a halt by exposing the actual situation to the international and local media by giving them an actual tour of the areas claimed to have been attacked by India.

This act actually burst their bubble of pride and instead Indian media was being criticized not only internationally but their CM Delhi Arvind Kejriwal asked for real proof of the claims by Indian Army. Upon this he was badly shamed and labeled as traitor and ink was thrown at him during the parliament's proceedings. Be it your enemy but Moonis Elahi condemns any act of barbarianism  against a human being who seeks truth.

Tax Money Being Flushed Due to PMLN's Vindictive Policy Against PMLQ

Tax Money Being Flushed Due to PMLN's Vindictive Policy Against PMLQ

Wazirabad CardiologyHospital a venture by PMLQ with no personal interest but to provide relief to the rural areas of Punjab which are forever forgotten by PMLN was a huge project for the region. It would have manage to save hundreds of lives every year but PMLN had other plans. It is their policy to undermine and staunch all progressive ventures by their predecessors.

Moonis Elahi has expressed grief over the Rs. 18crores loss by delaying the project simply because it was planned by PMLQ. People dying due to lack of health facilities is of no concern to the CM, he only invests in projects which would earn him a chance to photograph himself. Who needs hospitals when there are roads to be built that lead to places where PMLN has interests vested in.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Says KPK Crops in Danger

Moonis Elahi Says KPK Crops in Danger

Moonis Elahi is one of the very few politicians of Pakistan who really care about the ecology of the country. The country faces grave dangers in near future due to climatic changes and unless concrete steps are taken today, Pakistan can face drought and famine in the coming years. To control 40 MAF of water to go to waste each year and to store that water is one the of the main reasons Kalabagh Dam is much needed. 

If we are able to store this water, 50000MW electricity can be produced with is 3X more than our current need. The Kalabagh Dam reservoir with water storage capacity of 6.1 MAF has the potential to provide additional 4 MAF to Sindh, 2.2 MAF to KPK, 2 MAF to Punjab and 1.5 MAF to Baluchistan. Without a doubt KPK needs Kalabagh Dam to save it's agriculture as low rains and climate change are likely to affect 68% of KPK crops.

Moonis Elahi Supports Movement Against Corrupt Politicians

Moonis Elahi Supports Movement Against Corrupt Politicians

Islamabad High Court (IHC) tells protestors to remain peaceful and to hold demonstration in a designated area instead of locking down the capital. Moonis Elahi and the leadership of PMLQ are in favor of holding peaceful protests but despite IHC's orders, police all over Punjab are abducting political workers and leaders. When laws are defied by law enforcers at PMLN's behest, there are little chances the protests would be peaceful.
Moonis Elahi applauds IHC Judge Shaukat Siddiqui's court orders to allow the protest to take place, news published in Express Tribune on Monday 31 October 2016. However, PMLN has already aroused tensions across the province by arresting political workers days ahead of the rally. Such vindictive acts by the government despite court's orders makes it impossible for the protestors to remain calm.


Moonis Elahi Condemns Unprovoked Indian Firing along Working Boundary

Moonis Elahi Condemns Unprovoked Indian Firing along Working Boundary

Unprovoked Indian firing in Harpal and Chuprar sectors along the Working Boundary (WB) late on Tuesday night has injured 5 Pakistani civilians. Moonis Elahi denounced the cowardly act by India saying This is not the first time Indian security forces have violated ceasefire. In less than a week unprovoked Indian firing as many as four civilians have been killed while 21 have been injured.

Moonis Elahi hailed the befitting response by Pakistani Rangers. It is our right to respond to atrocities by the enemy. While Pakistan strives to be a responsible neighbor, India 's enmity keeps tensions growing between the two countries. Without complete ceasefire at the LOC there is no way we can be assured that both countries have learnt to respect each other's existence. For a stable and prosperous future of the subcontinent it is important that India respects Pakistan and learns to co-exist.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

CM Gilgit and Moonis Elahi Say the Same

CM Gilgit and Moonis Elahi Say the Same

Moonis Elahi has been a staunch supporter of the Kalabagh Dam project. He has said time and again that building the dam is the need of the hour and can save Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the top 10 water stressed countries of the world and nearly 40 MAF of water is wasted each year by falling in the Arabian Sea. 

Since the idea sprung up, Kalabagh Dam has become controversial. Now after many years, CM Gilgit Baltistan Hafiz Hafeesur Rehman has said India has sabotaged Kalabagh Dam project. Funding its puppets in the parliament, India has successfully managed to make it controversial.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Expresses Grief Over Drug Addiction in Islamabad Schools

Drug Addiction in Islamabad Schools-Moonis Elahi

Schools are institutions where you seek knowledge and stay away from evil. But in Islamabad it is the opposite where students spend time puffing smoke or indulging in drugs. Moonis Elahi points out the real reason behind this addiction is the influence of Hanif Abbasi aka Ephedrine Abbasi a well known drug lord and PMLN's MNA

When you choose drug lords to rule a city and ignore the literate and noble people of the society this is what you get. Despite many proofs Ephedrine Abbasi has managed to wiggle out of cases filed against him on Nawaz Sharif's behest. As long as PMLN rules this country the nation is doomed for sure.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Praises China's Shut Up Call to Modi

Moonis Elahi Praises China's Shut Up Call to Modi

Narendra Modi has a violent political history. His mass massacre in Gujrat India led thousands of Muslims killed in broad daylight. His hatred for Muslims is well known and being a Muslim country, he despises Pakistan. In an attempt to become a national hero in India his vitriol against Pakistan and calling it the mother ship of terrorism on international platform was not greeted with delight by Pakistan's dear friend China

It strongly denounced India's behavior and forbid it from creating chaos in the region. It was also commanded to forget its dream of isolating Pakistan because China stands firm on the friendship. Moonis Elahi hails the act of friendship by China whose "shut up call" has effectively silenced India and they have gone back to their holes.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Says PMLN's Bad Governance Will Create Problems in Future

Moonis Elahi-Pakistan economy

Pakistan faces many threats internally and externally. The current government's cavalier attitude is astonishing as their bad governance today will create many problems in future. Moonis Elahi claims IMF reports have proven that PMLN has missed all economic growth targets by a huge margin. With such a poor economy and constant loan servicing puts Pakistan at risk. 

The money acquired in terms of loan isn't being used on projects which would be in Pakistan's favor. Debt retiring would become impossible and Ishaq Dar should refrain from producing false reports at Nawaz Sharif's behest. Pakistan's economy sunk below 2013's graph while Nawaz Sharif's assets continue to increase.

Moonis Elahi Condemns PMLN's False Claims on Economy Growth

Moonis Elahi IMF Report

Despite the poor economic conditions of Pakistan PMLN claimed to have made the country's monetary state better than the past governments. However these false claims were exposed in the IMF report which stated debt has climbed to $73bn. Moonis Elahi and all other leaders of the country have condemned the false propaganda of PMLN

They are trying to mislead the nation by false claims while stashing money in their offshore accounts. Raising debts would destabilize the economy further which is already in shambles. The government should be working hard to make country stronger instead of weakening it and misleading the nation to hide incompetency.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Favors Honoring The Farmer Of Pakistan

Moonis Elahi-World Food Hunger Day

World Food Hunger Day is celebrated globally as a day of action to help eradicate hunger. On 16th October, people from all over the globe come together and pledge to help in the fight to end hunger from our planet. This day holds importance as thousands of people die all over the globe due to hunger and malnutrition. 

Moonis Elahi is not happy by the policies of PMLN concerning hunger eradication. While Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are busy constructing roads and focusing on how they can loot more from this country, the poor farmer is stranded. PMLN has completely failed to honor the farmer of Pakistan who plays the key role in eradicating hunger. If you don't have crops, you do not have anything to eat.

Moonis Elahi Opposes Adil Gillani's Appointment in Serbia

Adil Gillani's Appointment in Serbia

A senior official, on condition of anonymity has revealed the federal government is planning to appoint Adil Gillani famous for his 'favorable' survey reports since the formation of PMLN government, would be representing Pakistan as Ambassador to Serbia. 

Moonis Elahi has raised concerns over this 'favorable' appointment as non-career diplomats are in fact 'unfavorable' for the state. Nawaz Sharif is widely known to appoint corrupt people on key posts in organizations that may have the rights to keep a check on his performance. Upon pleasing their master Nawaz Sharif, these corrupt people are then rewarded by further appointments where they can travel abroad. This malpractice of PMLN results in creating further problems for the country.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Concerned by Pakistan's Poor GHI Ranking 2016

Moonis Elahi-Pakistan's Poor GHI Ranking 2016

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is a diverse statistical tool to define the hunger situation of countries. It is a scale to determine the progress and failures of countries to fight against hunger. Based on different calculation criteria and scale, the GHI proves to be of value as people become aware through its rankings how their governments have performed to help reduce hunger from their country. On a list of 118 countries facing extreme hunger, unfortunately Pakistan ranks 107.

Being an agriculture country and one of the biggest donors in charity, Moonis Elahi says Pakistan shouldn't be on the list. When we have so much food going to waste on a daily basis and given the lifestyle of our cities, it truly portrays that Pakistan shouldn't be on the hunger list. The failed policies of PMLN have caused Pakistan a bad name all over the globe. Millions of Rupees are being spent on Raiwind palaces which have led Pakistan to fall in the pits of corruption.

Moonis Elahi Points Out A Grave Shortage Of Wheat To Engulf Pakistan

Punjab government's anti agriculture policy may lead to an unassailable wheat shortage in the country. Millions of dollars worth of wheat weighing about 9.9 tons has been left unattended by the government. Not purchasing it from farmers has left it to rot in the go-downs which will be useless after a short time. moonis-elahi-with-innocent-kashmir Wheat crop this year was sufficient to fulfill the needs of Pakistan while the excess could have been sold in the international market at profitable rates. The insensitivity shown by CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is clearly implausible while Moonis Elahi has tried multiple times to highlight the grave danger that lies ahead if the right decision isn't taken now.

Moonis Elahi Rejects PMLN's Debt Servicing Policy

The young but politically mature PMLQ's youth leader, Moonis Elahi clearly criticized PMLN's debt servicing policy. Acquiring loans frantically would soon destabilize the economy and Rupee would be devalued taking the country to the same precipice it was in 1999.

Moonis Elahi-pmlq 2002-2007

Pakistan is a country with great potential and with the right policies it can soon be brought on the road to progress. PMLQ during their tenure 2002-2007 has clearly demonstrated that Pakistan can be a progressive country. The current government needs come up with concrete solutions to stabilize economy and refrain from taking any further loans.

Moonis Elahi - A Sign Of Hope For Farmers

PMLN's progressive policies revolve only around construction whether you need it or not and that too only in Lahore. They do not pay heed to other sensitive issues of the country such as Agriculture. Pakistan is undoubtedly has one of the best soils of the world.

  Moonis Elahi 

Its fertility is unmatched and every year the crop produced is much more than the previous year's total count. Cognizant of the potential to export crops and earn revenue, PMLN still refuses to strengthen the agriculture sector and make it a burden sharing pillar of economy. Moonis Elahi is one visible politician who raises the concerns of farmers but it is only up to the CM Punjab to take action on it.

Bhasha Dam A Far Fetched Idea While Kalabagh Dam Could Be Completed In 5 Years

Pakistan has been plagued by the curse of load shedding for many decades now. while government of the past and also the current government vows to eradicate the menace once and for all, now real steps have been taken by any ruling party except the PMLQ.


Moonis Elahi and the leadership of PMLQ have already proposed the construction of Kalabagh Dam which could be completed in 5 years. It has the tendency to produce 3600 Megawatts thus ending the crisis. But due to some political gains and the interference of international agencies, PMLN's government does not pay heed towards it but dreams on building the Bhasha Dam.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Condemns False Financial Reports

Moonis Elahi Rejects PMLN's Debt Servicing Policy

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), a respected institution of the country responsible for overlooking financial affairs and to keep a check on other institutions working alongside should be autonomous. Political interference surely creates unrest in its working abilities and this malpractice should be avoided at all costs. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), another important pillar of the nation shouldn't be pleasing politicians and their aides. Uncontrolled corruption in this institution has managed to create many societal ills and has lead the country to face financial problems.  

PMLN uses both of these institutions for its personal gains. The recent fake reports published for the year 2014 - 2015 tax receipts were inflated over Rs. 70billion. Moonis Elahi condemns publishing such misleading reports done at the behest of PMLN. Such acts would further destabilize economy hence destabilizing the country.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Slams OGRA Bill To Raise 36% Gas Tariff

OGRA increase Gas Price 2016-Moonis Elahi

In 2015 OGRA had increased gas prices by 67%. It was a serious blow to the Pakistani nation as it meant more people would be deprived of heating their homes during winter. This year OGRA has managed to up its prices again by 36% causing outrage among the public.  

Moonis Elahi has clearly condemned this decision taken by OGRA which has obviously been done at PMLN behest. Sui gas, a natural resource available in abundance in Pakistan should be provided at a rate the public can afford. Raising prices indiscriminately would not solve the issue of artificial shortage created by the present government of PMLN. Controlling corruption and making reforms in the sector would be a better approach to handle the usage and keep prices under control.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Shares His Views On US Presidential Speech

US Presidential Speech 2016-Moonis Elahi

As USA gears up for its elections on 8th November 2016, it's all about winning the most votes to secure the seat at the White House. This year's candidates are Donald Trump, a well known thriving businessman who has managed to build himself an enviable business empire. He is running from the well known Republican party. The second candidate for the US presidential seat is Hillary Clinton. She is a well known Democrat and needs no introduction as she is a senator and also widely known as former Us first lady. She is the wife of former Us President Bill Clinton.

As the election's date approaches the debates have started and they are intensifying. Moonis Elahi, just like all others is viewing it with interest because the outcome either way will have its positive and negative effects all across the globe. No matter how much you may criticize your opponent, do not forget ethics.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Values Courage of Indian Actor Om Puri

Om Puri I am GUILTY and I deserve punishment

When we talk about Bollywood stars and veterans, Om Puri needs no introduction. The Actor is famous for his versatile acting in the Indian media. He has been awarded many times in his country and even abroad for his services in the entertainment industry. As India and Pakistan's relations tightened over the atrocities carried out by Indian government on unarmed Kashmiri civilians, India banned Pakistani actors to work in their industry. While there were mixed views about the decision, Om Puri stood up against the decision saying that it was not the right thing to do but was punished for releasing the statement.  

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi has praised the actor for his bold stance and for speaking sense when all others have been blinded by the hate spread through Indian news channels. Pakistan has many great actors who have proved their worth both at home and abroad. Restricting good actors simply for the sake of jealousy and hatred will do more harm to their industry than good.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Kashmir Has Always Been a Part of Pakistan

Over the past few months India has increased oppressing Kashmiris in an attempt to instill fear and forget about Pakistan. India's tyranny has resulted in increased hatred by Kashmiris and their will to join Pakistan has become immutable.


By now Moonis Elahi and leaders of all other political parties have come out openly supporting Kashmir's freedom. Kashmiris have also resort to fight back their oppressors and have started using tactics that further enrage the Indian army. Draping their martyrs in the Pakistani flag is not only a tactic to show resistance but also the will to join Pakistan and become free.

Nawaz Befriends Pakistan's Enemies

Pakistan's arch nemesis India has always been involved in promoting anti Pakistan schemes. To simply engage Pakistan in a kind of war it is oppressing Kashmiris. As the world today recognizes India's persecution of Kashmiri civilians, India finds an excuse to undermine Pakistan.

It comes our spewing vitriol to divert the world's attention from Kashmir. Moonis Elahi, Imran Khan, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and many other leaders of the nation support the Kashmir in-dependency cause. Nawaz Shareef should keep his friendships to a personal level and welcoming Narendra Modi clearly sends out waves of shock among the nation.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Moonis Elahi Supports Building Kalabagh Dam

It's been decades now since we are hearing there will be an end to load shedding in the country once and for all. Ending the menace has always been a jingle of PMLN to gain votes in elections and secure their seats however no concrete steps have been taken by the said government and the dream still lives on.
Pakistan faces the worst power shortfall every year and the Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Shareef, during his election campaigns had promised to end it within six months once regaining power. Only Moonis Elahi during the tenure of PMLQ brought up a solution in the form of Kalabagh Dam which can be completed in just 5 years.