Thursday, 15 December 2016

PMLN Government All Set To Lease Pakistan Steel Mills and PIA

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced his children Hassan & Hussain are blessed with amazing business managing abilities. At the tender age of 16 they had become billionaires by running their steel mills, one of the most successful businesses all over the world Lakshmi Mittal is a fair example of a "King of Steel". Sadly, state owned Pakistan steel mills couldn't be handled by PMLN leadership and it is now set up for lease to a foreign country.

Moonis Elahi, Imran Khan, Chaudhry Pervaiz and many other prominent opposition leaders have expressed their concerns over such decisions. Inability to revive the steel mill in 3 years proves incompetence of the N league.
The premier has finally been taken to court over the Panama Leaks issue, the nation demands to know if you can't run state owned businesses to be profitable, how is it possible that your personal businesses flourish but every government business fails under your leadership? Where do their earnings go?

To me as an ordinary citizen of Pakistan it is quite disturbing to know that most of our national businesses have totally collapsed. In my search to find the truth about PMLN's abilities I began skimming through official accounts on Twitter (as it is mostly accurate and is updated frequently) of our prominent leaders.
This one made me bang my head on the desk:
How Mr Ahsan Iqbal do you claim Pakistan to be an emerging market? Leasing out factories doesn't mean investors are considering your country as an emerging market but if new factories are set up and new entrants enter the competition then we can call it progressive. To me as a common man who faces common problems throughout the year, this is just fake publicity.

We didn't have electricity throughout summer to support factories and businesses and now its winter and we don't have Gas! Utility bill prices are hiked with the arrival of a new season and yet every institution reports loss. You need loans for every project and even to run the country every month and still we are in lead? Our textile industry is now doomed because winter is coming and your government has announced gas load shedding.
I then came across a tweet by Moonis Elahi:


Though this isn't directly aimed towards the PSM decision but truly portrays what our incumbent government is capable of. To add injury to insult, PIA also reflects their inefficiency and we've heard rumors in the past it was up for lease too but that didn't happen. PIA is another state owned business that files losses each year but our leaders in power aren't concerned by it. They rather build new Metro trains and Metro buses but can't make reforms in national policy to bring back national railways and other national businesses to their feet. Mr. Moonis Elahi has said it in the best way.

The headline in Dawn made my heart sink as I read Chinese and Iranian firms are interested to take over our loss bearing Pakistan Steel Mills. If these companies are willing to take over, they must be sure it is profitable so why can't Pakistan? Obviously the monthly profits will fly off to the country that succeeds in the bidding. But this profit could have been used for the benefit of our own nation.

Money acquired from leasing it will be a onetime payment and God knows where will it be used, to buy another luxury flat through some offshore company or to buy Rolex's for the Sharif and family? Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, may your claims be true and my fears prove to be wrong, but I couldn't disagree with the Tweet by Moonis Elahi that N League may be full of successful businessmen but they aren't willing to promote state owned businesses.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Moonis Elahi - Why KBD is For The Entire Pakistan

Ever wondered why we have such long hours of load shedding during the summer? We all know that Pakistan has no shortage of natural resources but it only lacks proper usage of the natural resources. Punjab, as the very name describes, five rivers which flow through the province has given it the name which is recognized all over the world. The province can prove to be host to eradication of load shedding from the entire country if the Kalabagh Dam is constructed. Moonis Elahi has once again highlighted the benefits our country can reap if the KBD ever becomes a reality.
Currently Moonis Elahi is the only politician vouching for the construction of Kalabagh Dam while the present PMLN Govt seems more interested in Bhasha Dam. It would not hurt if both dams are constructed but with the facts put forth by the young PMLQ politician, it certainly is lucrative and definitely aimed to benefit the entire country rather than just one region. Pakistan currently faces a lot of shortages and the issue of water shortage has started to surface now more than often. The Pakistan - India water treaty is one of the longest standing treaties between the two countries but lately the latter seems to find it amusing to revoke it.
While the Bhasha Dam, a project of the PMLN Govt aims to produce 4500 Megawatts of electricity, it is a very expensive project and can be a victim to shortage of budget in the middle of the project. The government would have to further apply for loans for its completion which means that the poor Pakistani will be pressed under more debt. We can only hope it doesn't meet the same fate as that of Nandipur. While the nation is confused whether the Bhasha Dam or Kalabagh Dam would be the most suitable solution for the nation, it has become more of a tug of war game where Moonis Elahi supporters favor KBD but PMLN supporters vote for Bhasha Dam.

Moonis Elahi, in most of his speeches has always urged his followers and the people of Pakistan to not think narrowly and support a cause because it is launched by their favorite leader. He has always said we must think as a nation and only support the cause for the sake of the nation. Unless we weed out the favoritism mentality Pakistan will still suffer and due to its suffering we as a nation will all suffer. It is time that Pakistani's study the facts and press the government to build dam which will be the dam for all Pakistanis.

Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi Refreshes Nation's Memory in Dunya TV Interview

Former Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi appeared in a TV interview on Dunya TV

PMLN is famous for building roads and does not shy away from taking full credit of it. They are known to even take credit for most of the work they have not initiated but have become a part of its completion. Known to remain in the spotlight through advertisements and displaying banners on Mall road Lahore, CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has become the most prominent politician of the country.

Former Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi appeared in a TV interview on Dunya TV and when asked the question about his performance in Punjab said, "I have built roads more than 37,000 KM in Punjab". When asked why doesn't the public remember those roads, he answered in the most humble way that his government's priority was to serve the people of Punjab and not use their tax money for personal glorification.
Dunya TV - Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi Refreshes Nation's Memory in Interview
Moonis Elahi, son of former CM Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has been a member of the Punjab Parliament since then and played an active role during his father's tenure. Being a young politician he was mostly assigned tasks which would help him understand politics of Punjab and hone him to become a good future leader. 
Moonis Elahi wasn't present in the Dunya TV interview but was discussed more often in it.

During the PMLQ era, Punjab had a record GDP of 7.5% and people's lifestyle was greatly alleviated during that period. Moonis Elahi was tasked to learn as much as was possible and neither he nor his father ever used taxpayers money to glorify their acts of good governance. The former CM also recalled his social welfare projects and Rescue 1122 is one of their greatest gifts to the nation for it is a one of kind ambulance service which has the ability to cope with international standards.
Moonis Elahi pointed out Shahbaz Sharif works in a different fashion and he is known to sabotage or completely shut down the projects of his opponents without thinking about the effect it will have on the poor nation. PMLN's vindictive policy has done this country great harm but since their advertisements are too strong and targeted, people tend to forget the good works of the previous governments and think every positive work done is by the PMLN.

When asked during the interview by host Dr. Moeed Pirzada about the future of Moonis Elahi in future politicsChaudhry Pervaiz Elahi said that his son was ready to enter politics and he has matured now. It would not be wrong to say that among the young politicians, Moonis Elahi & Hamza Shahbaz are the only ones who have been a part of a government. Bilawal Zardari has now entered politics, holding rallies and delivering thunderous speeches but has zero experience of are the duties of a political leader.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

PIA ATR - 42 aircraft PK661 crashes en-route to Islamabad, no survivors 2016

PIA ATR - 42 aircraft PK661 crashes en-route to Islamabad, no survivors 2016, Moonis Elahi

On Wednesday a PIA ATR - 42 aircraft PK661 crashed in the mountains of Havelian while enroute from Chitral to Islamabad. The ill fated plane was carrying 42 passengers along with 5 crew members and lost contact with control tower around 4:41pm. PIA confirmed the crash soon after reports about a plane gone missing began surfacing. One of Pakistan's famous personalities Junaid Jamshed was one of the passengers who lost his life in the crash. Moonis Elahi and all leaders of PMLQ expressed grief and sorrow over the tragic incident and a minute of silence was noted at the PMLQ headquarters.
Pakistan International Airlines, the flag bearer of Pakistan, has become controversial about its safety standards and battered planes. Owing to politically influenced hiring in the crew it has become over burdened and a hub of corruption. Moonis Elahi agreed to the nation's call to provide an fair inquiry into the cause of the crash which has shook the nation. People expressed grief and shock on social media and the entire nation criticized Govt's failure to make PIA safe after so many promises and claims which all proved to be false. Such incident will make PIA suffer more losses as more people will try to refrain from flying through the national airlines.
According to DAWN news the pilot had made a "MAYDAY" call minutes before the crash. Soon after the take off the left engine failed and the pilot informed about it but it the ground crew thought the plane would make its journey only on a single engine. The 7 year old aircraft has had history of being faulty but the engineers kept it flying. Moonis Elahi stated that during the PMLQ regime public safety was their major concern and the Rescue 1122 is a clear proof. PMLN does not bother itself with such issues it just needs an excuse to stay in the limelight and litter the Mall Rd with their posters.
The news of the crash became even more widespread with the loss of Junaid Jamshed who was on the flight. The Pakistani icon was on a religious tour in Chitral and was coming back to Islamabad when he boarded the ill fated PK661. Moonis Elahi has expressed grief over the loss of precious lives lost in the crash. We must learn from our mistakes but unfortunately the incumbent government has never learnt from the past. It continues to play with innocent lives and when a tragedy happens, all PMLN ministers vanish like they never existed. Will there ever be a fair inquiry over this crash? Will we ever see justice provided to the people who lost their lives? Only time will tell.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Nawaz Sharif Becoming Worse Than a Dictator

Nawaz Sharif Becoming Worse Than a Dictator

During the era of PMLQ government, the leaders Moonis Elahi, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain had ended the draconian law where prime minister vested the power to sack the heads of Public Sector Entities (PSE's) without any warnings. It was a rule widely practiced by the older PMLN and the slain Benazir Bhutto of PPP. The power to sack any head of the public sector was to simply terrorize them to obey any order issued by the government no matter how harmful it may be for the nation at large. 

Using the power before, Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto (late) had created unrest in the country and both were on a looting spree unstoppable by any state department. Moonis Elahi, a member of the parliament and son of former CM Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has expressed deep concern over the powers Nawaz Sharif now possesses. The N League government has silently restored the 3 decades old power where the Prime Minister would sack PSE's heads without any reasoning. He said the misuse of this power is the reason why we see the Panama Gate scandal today. 

Had there been any head of state powerful enough to question him then, the flight of money which has now become a national issue would not have happened. Now Nawaz Sharif has become powerful once again and it is sign of increased corruption in future. Moonis Elahi shed light on one incident last year when SNGPL Chief Executive Arif Hameed was sent home packing without any previous notice. 

He was laid off his duties unceremoniously because he refused to sign agreements related to imports of LNG and its sale as it was not in the interest of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited. Nawaz Sharif has become a dictator and doesn't take no for an answer. He only thinks about personal interests and not for the national cause. Honest government officers are finding it hard to work under his rule and the ones who resist are sacked without any notice.

PMLQ's young political leader Moonis Elahi is deeply concerned about the trends being set by the incumbent government. The negative trends will leave a mark for centuries to remove and the ill practice of using force over government institutions for personal gains will pave path for corrupt people to come in power. Our country will be destabilized very easily once we have corrupt people at the top looting the country without resistance. It will be hard for future politicians to weed out the corrupt practices PMLN is rooting today. We as a nation must stand against these practices today to save our future and the future of Pakistan.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Pakistan's Self Proclaimed Master of Finance Ishaq Dar Set Out to Destroy PSM

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Destroy PSM

On 1st December Ishaq Dar ordered the Pakistan Steel Mills to settle its debts to the state owned banks as well as foreign creditors. In a drive to privatize National institutions, Pakistan Steel Mills has been finalized to be privatized and investors from China have shown interest to bid when its privatization process starts. 

Moonis Elahi pointed out that PSM has been reporting losses since a decade and neither the Zardari nor PMLN government could assign talented people to take its charge and bring it out of the mess it has fallen due to corruption. The workers have been staging protests as their salaries haven't been transferred since months. In a meeting held at Islamabad between the Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, PSM Management and Privatization Committee, the issue of PSM's outstanding debts was discussed. 

The minister issued orders for the steel mills to sell its assets and settle the Rs. 51 billion loan it owes. Moonis Elahi has said the nation is in shock over the news and widely questions if the Sharif brothers policies can make their personal steel mills to reap billions of profits a year, why are they hesitant to implement the same policies for a State owned company that could have saved it from destruction? If assets are sold, the company would further decline in value and it would soon be worthless. The country's largest industrial unit had been shut down for over a year and a half after SSGC had cut its gas supply over defaulting its Rs. 18 billion in terms of outstanding gas bills.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dry Weather likely To continue Till January PMD Report

Dry Weather likely To continue Till January PMD Report

Punjab currently faces the driest winter ever witnessed. The cause ultimately is the climatic changes mainly due to "No Policy" on preserving ecology. The weather has affected most parts of the country with Punjab at the front. A top official at Pakistan Meteorological Department stated the weather would remain unchanged till January next year. He further warned the current weather would aggravate water shortage in the country.
While there still seems no concern by the PMLN government to make a national policy to counter the negative climatic changes faced by the country, no other politician other than Moonis Elahi raises concern over the issue. Vice President Dr. Ghulam Rasool, of World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), while speaking to the Express Tribune, a leading news site within the country, said that since September this year Pakistan has not received a good amount of rainfall. Even the northern areas which are hilly and mostly covered in snow during the winter have not received "Good Showers" and "Snowfall" is less expected to fall until January. While it is expected that some parts of the country will receive light to moderate rainfall, it is not enough to fulfill the need.
Under the current weather condition, days are warm while the nights are cold. For the winter season, this is not a good sign as due to clear skies the sun remains open throughout the day increasing the temperature. Clear skies mean less potential for rain in Punjab and less snowfall in the northern areas. Though PMD has warned of acute water shortage in the coming months, the concerned authorities have widely ignored these warnings, Moonis Elahi has once again raised his concern as we do not see any policy coming to shape regarding the abrupt changes in the climate of Pakistan.
For the first time ever Lahore had witnessed SMOG which was only due to cutting down of trees. To make roads for Lahore Metro Buses and destruction of plants in the city for the Orange Train, CM Lahore Shahbaz Sharif has caused an increase in the destruction of greenery in the city. Moonis Elahi has said time and again that unless the ecology system s kept in balance the country at large will face many climatic and health issues. People are reporting with ailments in hospitals mainly due to the dry weather. Dr Rasool has said the situation is alarming and the government should pay attention to it.